Friday, July 29, 2005

Darn his socks!

Kennan has insisted that we re-read the first 5 Harry Potters before we read number 6... and I'm torn between enjoying re-reading them (realizing that I'll enjoy #6 better after a refresher course), and the agony of wanting to dive in to the newest installment! Mind you, we aren't as dedicated as our friends who pre-ordered, but still...

The coolest thing about re-reading them is catching the subtle ways that Rowling has woven the books all together. For example, Dumbledore's comments at Harry's beside at the end of Year 1 (in "answer" to Harry's question re: why Voldemort wanted to kill him, anyway).

I've attempted a bit of clever allusion to the end of book 2, as well, with my title. Poor Dobby. I wonder if he had a nice wife if he would use merciless logic to force her to re-read the series. And if he did deign to make an appearance on their blog, would he have to shut his ears in the oven door for defending himself? Or, would he remain blissfully ignorant of the contents of said blog, instead? hmmmmm...

Monday, July 25, 2005

Picky, Picky

I've been told I'm picky. I only like Kroger brand dill pickles. I don't let my husband wear tall socks with a pair of shorts. I am also very particular about my name. It gets mispronounced a lot. A LOT.

However, I've mellowed. I've come a long way from the CHapter in my life when my mother, in an attempt to prevent me from throwing a CHildish fit, would introduce me as "CHandra, with a hard 'ch,' like in 'CHeese.'"

Cheese? That's the best CHoice she could find? Not CHocolate or CHerry or CHeerful or even CHUCK? Okay, so Chuck might have been bad, too. But now I will CHeerfully (or at least CHurlishly) answer to several variations on my name. I'll take "Shawndruh," "CH," and the ever popular, "Chawndriquah."

"Chandra," with a short a, like in "apple," is still not an acceptable CHoice, and "Shandra" makes my skin crawl. I only answer to "Cassandra" for one sweet little old lady, and CHances are, you're neither old nor sweet enough to get away with it, CHump.

If you really want me to be CHipper, CHange into your short socks, CHoose some Kroger dill pickles at the store, and pronounce my name "Chawndruh." I guess I should say that instead of being picky, I'm really quite CHoosy!

Is that spelled right? I guess I'll have to CHeck.

chOH well. chSUCh is chLIFE!

Wednesday, July 20, 2005

The Purpose-Driven Blog?

Interesting discussion at lunch today. We were talking about blogs and their random nature; i.e. most folks' blogs are fairly stream-of-conscienceness (spelling? rats--too lazy to look it up) and don't really have a purpose other than entertainment value. Should they? Why is it that I'm typing this right now although only my husband really knows of this blog's existence? (and another question is: will I ever get the chutzpah to tell anyone else?) Is it just because I like to see my own words in print? Do I really want to share with someone, or just dazzle him/her with my witiness (uh-oh... if THAT's my goal, then...)?

And why is it that I have so many parenthesis? I appear to be an addict.

Would anyone read a book if I titled it: "The Purpose-Driven Blog"? And what would be in it? AND... would I use a pen name or my real name (Esmerelda)?

Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Well, Now I've Gone and Done It...

Well, now I've gone and done it. I've created a blog for us. I'm supposed to be doing housework, or support raising, or something.... something.... other than playing on the internet. Oh, evil siren that draws me from my work! I hear the call of blogs and forums and HOMESTAR RUNNER and even the drudgery of a dial-up connection cannot sway me from the rocky shore. SHIPWRECKED! Left broken and desperately entertained to whimper in the harsh sunlight.

Good grief. It's amazing the crap you can come up with when you're procrastinating.

I think I'm going to have to make a firm rule of NO BLOGGING at work! And yet... work has the shining beacon of high-speed internet access...