Sunday, April 30, 2006

Weekend in Review

What a great weekend we had! The highlights:

  • A really good time of talking and prayer with Kennan on the drive up to Charlotte, NC... much needed after a pretty lousy week. We've also been re-reading the Anne of Green Gables series together, so that made the drive go quickly.
  • A fantastic time getting to see our friend THE LARRYNATOR, who does an impression of Animal (from the Muppets) like no other
  • Getting to see the Andrew Peterson show in Chapel Hill. Highlights from that---
  1. getting to see not only AP but also his multi-talented and zany tour partner, Ben Shive, who played the Super Mario Bros. sound track on the piano (including secret levels and getting the star at the end of the level!) just for grins
  2. hearing a new song (which was quite nice) and seeing the amazing, healthy, brotherly love between AP and Ben as evidenced by the encouraging smile that Ben gave Andy when he was nervous
  3. also getting to see their new partner in (touring) crime, Andy Gullahorn, who brought the house down with "Green Hills Mall"
  4. getting a copy of AP's newest CD, Appendix A: Bootlegs & B-Sides and splurging to get Andy Gullahorn's Room to Breathe
  5. hearing a barbershop quartet (okay, trio) version of "Matthew's Begats" from Behold the Lamb of God
  6. chatting with Andrew after the show, and getting to hear him say "I eat snot" in Swedish
  7. while waiting to see AP, meeting a new friend (hi Angie!), who will be moving to our neck of the woods soon...
  8. EDIT--I forgot this one: When Andrew was leading us in singing along with "Let There Be Light," he said something along the lines of, "I'll sing, 'Let there be light' and then you sing... [big, dramatic pause, and I'm expecting him to say, "Liiiighhhttt..." because that's how it goes, but instead he says...] icckkyy-icckkyy-eyyyyyeeee!"(or something to that effect.) It was very tribal sounding, and the looks on the faces of folks who were trying to see if he was joking or not were too funny.
  • Touring downtown Charlotte with Larry, imagining that the kitchen of the restaurant we ate in was run by the Swedish Chef (bork bork!)
  • Another good drive back from Charlotte, with more "irrepressible Anne", and coming home with my best friend to our insane cats
  • A great, challenging sermon at ChristChurch this morning
  • Watching Muffin Films with Gordon & Christy tonight after work
  • Signing off of blogspot in just a minute to read some more with Kennan!
What a great weekend.

Friday, April 28, 2006


Thanks to Team Redd, I've just found out that our offensive coordinator, Patrick Nix, will now be calling the plays. Hallelujah! No more Chan Gailey on the sidelines getting all purple in the face and making silly decisions. I won't bash Gailey overmuch, because a good friend reminded me that he has feelings, too, unlike Mike Kryschsdkeg (too tired/lazy to look up how to spell it), Duke's Men's BB head coach, who is evil.

But I must say, that I haven't agreed with several key calls over the past season (Reggie throwing towards Calvin in the end zone at the end of the NC State game, instead of giving the ball to PJ and letting him drag the defensive line into the end zone with him... SIGH... that image still haunts me) and so it's a nice addition to a fresh start on a new season... that will begin in exactly 126 days. Yippee! I've installed a countdown clock on my desktop, and it's tantalizing me. Driving past Bobby Dodd Stadium on North Ave is too much. I see hot dogs in the grocery store and I can't handle the suspense.


Oh. Right. 126 days, 14 hours, 8 minutes and 36 seconds.


Sunday, April 16, 2006

Peace Be With You

He is Risen, my belly is full of peach cobbler ala mode (for the second time today), and all is well. It's been a fantastic day, starting with a sunrise service in a beautiful sanctuary and Hot Krispy Kremes afterward with good friends. That was followed by some cooking, a late morning service, and a ham (it's great to be freed from the Law), green bean casserole & scalloped potato lunch, with more good friends. Then I had a long, deep nap on the couch (I'm told I was snoring), and woke to an interesting conversation between Kennan and our good friend Aaron about vectors (don't laugh!) and acceleration, which transitioned to discussing our faith in light of today's celebration of the Resurrection, the new release of the "Gospel" of Judas (bah), and human nature. Follow that up with dinner, more cobbler, and some calls to family and friends, and life doesn't get much better than that.

Life has been crazy lately (hence my ridiculous absence from our blog!), but good. I've been working a lot of hours at my part-time job, and Kennan is still chugging away at his PhD in concrete. The cats are as crazy as ever, and shedding to boot. Spring in Atlanta has finally sprung, and we're in that peaceful two weeks where it's still not too humid (by Georgia standards, anyway), the mosquitoes are not yet out in force, and the A/C is still not really necessary.

I'm trying to not fret about the coming summer months... my mother is fairly certain that I'll catch West Nile disease one of these summers, and I'm not looking forward to having my forehead dotted with mosquito bite bumps. The mosquitoes in Georgia are mean. I'm fairly certain they have organized labor unions. While we were cleaning out the patio yesterday I found lots of small round things that most people would claim are acorn caps, but I know better. They're little hard hats, and I'm keeping an eye out for tiny picket signs hidden in the bushes bearing slogans like, "Hell No, We Won't Go!" and "Insects Are People, Too!" in Mosquitoese.

Oh, you scoff now... but wait until they start getting into politics. See, they've already invaded our advertizing (look carefully at TV commercials and you'll see them), they're working their way into the business world (those smudges that you thought were caused by a toner problem with the copier? Mosquito Mob hits), and once they control the House and the Senate...

But for today, it's Springtime in Atlanta, the pollen count isn't too high (more on that conspiracy later), and the results from my Mom's lymph node surgery came back negative---a huge victory in her fight with breast cancer.

Jesus is Risen, my faith is not in vain, and I'm surrounded by loved ones and creature comforts. And on the days when doubt assails me, I feel bereft and alone, and not very comforable, I trust that He is with me still.

Peace be with you... and also with you!

Saturday, April 01, 2006

Mass Hysteria

Aliens Have Landed and Signed Record Deal with DeathRow Records! Talking Goat Astounds Media with Endtime Prophecies! Woman Gives Birth to Twin Frogs! There's a spider on your shirt. New Miracle Pickle Face Lotion Brings Back Woman from the Dead! Your shoe is untied. Bigfoot Joins Army! Loch Ness Monster Mediates Peace between Angry Mob and Michael Jackson! There's a booger in your nose. Tabloid Accidentally Reports True Story!

Happy April Fools' Day with love from us & the Enquirer.