Saturday, September 30, 2006

What a Day!

Days don't get much better than today. This morning, we had a retreat for the graduate fellowship groups at Emory, Tech, and (boooo) Georgia. Pete Bocchino was a fantastic, engaging, humble speaker who actually said "Apologetics is all about relationships." Sadly, you don't often hear that out of many of the spooky-brilliant minds that study the Bible and come up with amazing insight. At the end of his session, I felt better equipped to share the gospel of Christ with love and humility, as opposed to just gaining a lot of knowledge to throw at people. Good apologetics (silly sounding term, but apparently it's from the original Greek apologia, to defend a position against an attack) is gaining knowledge about God so that we can glorify him by sharing that knowledge in love. So there, rude people. PPPLLLLLBBBBTTTHHH! Take that.

After we left the retreat, we headed up to Taco Mac to watch the game. No, no, make that THE GAME. We beat no. 10/11 Virginia Tech in Blacksburg (scary scary stadium) 38-27. We in the Crane household are still in a little bit of shock. And we also have very sore throats from screaming, hooting & hollering so much. GOOOOOOO JACKETS! Holy poop. I don't know if I'll be able to sleep for a week! What a sweet, sweet victory for so many reasons!

And then we went to a benefit event for Mamelodi Township, South Africa. For just $10 a head, we got to eat ridiculous amounts of pig, sides & peach cobbler. We got to hear some really awesome Gospel/Blues singers. We got to laugh with friends and also be moved to tears by the pictures & stories of the people, and especially the children, of Mamelodi. Sitting next to my laptop are two beautiful soapstone carvings that we bought from African Leadership Development, a fantastic ministry that works to come "alongside and help fan into flame the gifts already there... [to find] 'African solutions for African problems.' " One carving is a little hippo that makes me smile because Kennan picked out the one that is yawning, and you can see its little teeth. The other is a family (mother, father & child) all holding hands. I rejoice that somewhere in Africa the life of a family will be improved because... I got to enjoy myself with friends. How wonderfully ridiculous is that?

Today we got to be educated, humbled, & uplifted; we got to cheer our team to a crazy victory; we got to celebrate with friends and family for a good cause. Today was indeed a glimpse of heaven! :)

Monday, September 25, 2006

Altruistic Update

I finally got some information on Redeemer's food kitchen, so hopefully I can start volunteering there soon. For being a volunteer thing, it sure is hard to find out how to help. Maybe it's their version of a background check, only cheaper.

Today I went with some of the ladies from ChristChurch to volunteer at a really cool thrift store. We sorted donations all morning. There were some very interesting items of clothing. My favorite was a black sweatshirt with multi-colored ruffles all over it. It made me want to salsa dance. Either that, or run screaming into the night.

Funny anecdote that I know some of you will especially appreciate... one of the women asked us for advice because she was worried about her daughter, and two of us were closer to college age. I was prepared for failing classes, partying, bad-influence boyfriend...

Instead, the aforementioned daughter drove up to Huntsville last night to see Nickelcreek (sooooo jealous!) and drove back in the same night.


I tried to keep a straight face but ended up laughing. I looked at the other "girl," and we just cracked up. I told the concerned mother that I was no help because we still do things like that (although not often, mind you), and if I had been in Atlanta back in the day, I certainly would have joined in the touring madness with the gang.

The offending party's mom explained that she just worried about her driving so late at night. We agreed that if she were driving by herself, instead of with other people & other cars, it would be a problem, but since she was carpooling/caravanning, it was pretty safe.

I think it's sweet that the mom was concerned. Involved parents rock, even when they may not quite understand. I'll take that over lazy, negligent parents, any day!

Ranked Again at Last!

Dinner tonight at Figo was good (I channeled Allison and got the crab ravioli with funghi sauce), but the hearing the news that we are once again in the Top 25 was even better! Whoo hoo! GO JACKETS!

And, the news gets even better. According to

"Virginia Tech defensive end Chris Ellis and split end Josh Morgan have been suspended for violating team rules and will miss the game Saturday against No. 24 Georgia Tech.

Coach Frank Beamer made the announcement on Monday.

Ellis is one of the No. 11 Hokies (4-0) most disruptive defensive linemen, recording 12 tackles this year, including one sack.

Morgan is Tech's second-leading receiver, with 10 catches for 161 yards and two touchdowns. He blocked two punts, including one for a safety in the Hokies' 29-13 victory over Cincinnati on Saturday."

Oh man, oh man, oh man! There's so much to love in that one little article! 2 of their top players have been suspended... we're mentioned as "No. 24 Georgia Tech" (damn skippy!)... they only beat Cincinnati 29-13 instead of shutting them out...

I've never been a fan of winning just because the other team is injured, having an off week, or just plain bad. Everyone would rather win just because your team kicks crazy tail. But, I do think we are a strong little team. We have the (as Kennan puts it) "Human Highlight Reel," Calvin Johnson, our D is awesome, and we have a lot of spirit. A perfect example of how much both Calvin and our defense rock is that Calvin's career-best 165 yards receiving against UVA Thursday night was just one yard shy of Virginia's offensive yardage for the entire game. Hoo hoo!

So I won't complain if a win over VT comes at least partially because they aren't at 100%. A "W" is a "W", folks. Here's hoping we have one more to record after this Saturday. The only thing that could make a win over Virginia Tech at Blacksburg even better is if Lee Corso's car were to catch on fire again. Anybody willing to be my alibi?

Wednesday, September 20, 2006

The Mayor Goes to China

Yet another fledgling post, originally from 8/16/06 (at 5:36 AM). It would have been funnier had I posted it while the trip was actually going on, but here goes, anyway...

So much for international relations. Not only have they sent our gangsta mayor to represent us, check out the last "delegate" on the list.

China Trip Attendees:
City of Atlanta
Metro Atlanta Chamber of Chamber
Georgia State Senate
Atlanta City Council
Troutman Sanders, LLP
Georgia Power Company
Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport
SunTrust Bank
National Association of Chinese Americans
Delta Air Lines
Atlanta Regional Commission
Kennesaw State University
TVS & Associates
Womble Carlyle Sandridge & Rice
Reece & Associates
University of Georgia

Dear Lord. How did they fit all the livestock on the plane? Or did they not allow delegates to bring spouses?

Ouch. Mean, I know. But it's football season, and I'm ready for Thanksgiving weekend. Bring it on, bulldogs! STING 'EM!

Well, Holy Poop

An old website that was a source of some pain & aggravation is no longer. Restaurant recommendations (from someone nobody had ever met) to way-too trendy, expensive, and sketchy places are no more. The directions won't land you in outer Mongolia.

For those of you who know what I'm talking about, check out the new site. It's really not half bad. I'm still so grateful that we've moved on, but...

I'm glad for them, and I'm glad that I'm glad! God is good and is in the business of renewing everything. Even bizarre websites and grumpy bloggers.


Thursday, September 14, 2006

EE-YAR I'm a Pirate! II

This time, the title actually has to do with the post. Waitresses everywhere (or at least at Jason's Deli, Slopes, Taco Mac, etc.), breathe a sigh of relief.

National Talk Like a Pirate Day does not fall on a Monday this year. So there will be less (because I know they'll still do it) of calling you a "saucy wench" and "yarrr... bring me a refill" going on this Monday. National TLaP Day isn't until Tuesday.

I guess it could be worse. They would never, ever make a grab at your backside, they're actually pretty respectful, and good about leaving enough money for the tip. Maybe it would be good for all of us to let the pirate inside come out and play more often.

However, Pirate Pick-up Lines do not work, and spending all your time on the English-to-Pirate translator is not the best way to woo us, mateys. Even if we be saucy. Arrr!

Wednesday, September 13, 2006


Check out these two awesome Buzz creations:

Lego My Buzz

Itty-Bitty Buzz

And I thought my toenails were cool. GO JACKETS!

Thursday, September 07, 2006

Happy Thoughts

Registering a 10 on my wrong-but-funny-o-meter right now:

Being reminded of the time Lee Corso's car was struck by lightning back in the day

Shrink-wrapped vehicles

Your mom

Your face

Your mom's face

Several memorable scenes from Talledega Nights...
"Dear Baby Jesus..."
"Dad, you made that grace your..."
"Hi. I'm Susan. I painted the car. We had..."
"If you don't chew Big Red, then..."
all of Cal Naughton, Jr.'s deep theological thoughts...
and of course, the Eleanor Roosevelt "quote."

just about anything on Lark News (they're so hilarious, I'll even forgive them for mocking InterVarsity Press), but especially...
the ads for WORSHIPERS GONE WILD (Vol. 2) and the THE (all Christian) PEARL JAM SOUND-ALIKE FESTIVAL ("Just like Eddie... only Vedder")
the poignant commentary on modern evangelical worship trends
and the Best-Selling End Times Books list:
1. Unauthorized Biography of Tim LaHaye, by Kitty Kelley
2. The Act of Marriage: End Times version, by Tim and Beverly LaHaye
3. Cooking with Tim LaHaye
4. Jabez and the End Times, by Bruce Wilkinson and Tim LaHaye
5. My Plans for World Domination, by Tim LaHaye

also, check out this Christianity Today article that describes some of the responses that the Bob the Tomato "We're Bigger than Jesus" story garnered.

Good stuff. Sacrelicious, indeed.

Friday, September 01, 2006

Freaking-out Friday

Right about now, I would do several wrong and illegal things to get tickets. I'm in a bad place right now! I need to snap out of this! It's just football!


If anyone needs a kidney, I've got a spare one. Kennan couldn't ever use it; he'd need Christy's genetic match, anyway. Will Donate Major Organs for Tickets. Will Sell Grandmother Up the River for Tickets. Will Eat Disgusting Things on National Television for Tickets. There's not much I wouldn't do, short of outright blasphemy & breaking my marital vows. Not too many sacred cows in this house right now. Will Sell Cats for Tickets. Hm. Nevermind that last one. That would be a true Ransom of Red Chief. How about Will Not Bring Cats to Your Home for Tickets?

I get the feeling that tomorrow will be Scary-desperate Saturday, followed by Sad, Sad Sunday. Even if we do win, I'll probably still be moping, maybe all the more because we didn't get to be there for a huge upset.

That should be followed by Moving-on Monday, though... much to the relief of those around me.

Go Jackettttssss... whimper... sigh...

Pitiful, just pitiful.