Wednesday, December 13, 2006

By the Numbers

23---number, in pounds, of turkey that we cooked on Thanksgiving day
3---number of turkeys that we cooked Thanksgiving week
2---number of days after Thanksgiving that I moaned & groaned about eating too much

6---number of years that we have lost to Georgia IN A ROW
4---number of times the football team has broken my heart this season (hey, it's an improvement!)
1,367---number of times I screamed at the TV during the U(sic)GA game and the ACC championship
29, 9 & 2---number, in order, of attempts, completions and interceptions that Reggie had against Wake Forest
0---number of touchdowns by either team in the championship game (WTP... what the poo?!?)

182---number, in dog years, that Kennan has been on the planet
10---number of human years that I've gotten to celebrate Kennan's birthday with him :)

2---number of years that I have gotten to go to the Andrew Peterson Behold the Lamb show at the Ryman
6---number of people that we fit into 5 spaces so that we could all sit together at the show
482---number of chills that went up my spine because of the haunting beauty of the show
17---number of times I was spooked out by the similiarities between our friends Robert & Charissa and Team Redd

80---number of people stuffed into a townhouse for the church Christmas party
2---number of times that our associate pastor stole from us during the white elephant exchange
19---number of times I had to escape from the crowd into the "introverts' room" in the office

344---number of quilt squares I've cut out in the past 2 weeks
16---number left to go!
8,463---number of craftsy projects that I've started in my life
9---number, in percentage points, that I've finished

19---number of students involved with the grad group at GT (woot!)
17---number of students involved with the grad group at Emory (double woot!)
3---number of months I procrastinated on filling out my Fall Field Report for InterVarsity
12---number of minutes it actually took me to finish the thing

26---number of minutes I've managed to procrastinate on other work by writing this post!