Saturday, September 08, 2007

Two-win Saturday!

Okay, Sam, you asked for some trash talk, so here it is.

Georgia Tech ROLLED over poor Samford today 69-14, AND Georgia lost to South Carolina at home. Whoo hoooooooooooooooooooo!

Go Jackets! Go Taylor Bennett (8 of 9 for 85 yards with no INT... he might have had more yards if he had played more than just the first quarter)! Go John Bond (new Offensive Coordinator, his boys racked up 399 rushing yards to Samford's 84)! Go Tashard Choice & Chan Gailey (Deuce-Deuce had 110 yards and 2 touchdowns in the first quarter before gracefully bowing out to let Coach Gailey put in the younger guys...he had the same number of players hit the field as T-Money had yards on one of his TD runs--73!)! Go special teams--that are no longer "short bus" special this year (lovely punts by Durant Brooks, as usual, plus some fumble recoveries that rocked the house)! Go Big D (strong and solid as always, even the fourth string boys)!

Go Gamecocks! Go Steve Spurrier!

And Go Matthew Stafford for throwing the interception that ended any chance of U(sic)GA victory in the last minute of the game! Heh heh heh.

Whoo hoo! I love college football season! It's been a fantastic day in the Crane house with a 2-Win Saturday, as well as a great event over at Emory this evening with the Grad Fellowship. I will sleep well tonight!

Tuesday, September 04, 2007


I have "office" hours in the Panera Bread in Emory Village now, which is fun. It gets me out of the house, there's a cozy little nook where I can hole up and get work done (and people watch ;) using the free wireless, and there's Robert.

In the middle of College FB Season (so impatient for the rankings to come out!), ministry life (so far, so good), friends & their families going through heartache (we're praying for you, Negii!), and the day-to-day of life, there's always Robert.

Robert is the employee at Panera that won them an award from the Bobby Dodd Institute (a fantastic organization, by the way). Robert is "mentally handicapped," or whatever the PC term of the moment is, and yet is such a wonderful example of the "least of these" that have so much to teach the rest of us.

Robert limps around Panera, picking up plates and spreading cheer wherever he goes. Everyone knows Robert, and not just because he wears a nametag. Everyone knows Robert because you get the feeling that Robert knows you, and likes you anyway. Somehow, with his limited perspective, Robert manages to see others with the eyes of Jesus in a special way.

I love watching Robert. I dare you to be rude to him (half the restaurant would "escort" you out if you did!), or to not be encouraged by him when he comes over to sweep up some crumbs or take your trash away for you. Notice I didn't say "cheered up by him," although he certainly does bring a smile to my face, because I think Robert defies the stereotype (and bad theology) that the solution to a problem is being "cheered up." Like Job's friends, before they lost their minds and started preaching, I truly believe that Robert would weep with a person as readily as he would laugh with them. I'm obviously making some assumptions here, but from my observations, Robert gets what a lot of us don't: be in the moment. Not in a Nike, Sprite, corporate feel-good, me-me-me way, but in the true Biblical sense. Instead of always worrying and fretting about what isn't and about what could be, Robert goes about his day, trying to do good work and to show people kindness. And ironically, because he just focuses on one task at a time, Robert embodies what could be for all of us.

Maybe I'm just feeling a bit sappy because I'm sleepy, but this is what I think of when I see Robert. True, childlike joy that lives in the moment and enjoys good work and people. Oh, Lord, make me more like your son Robert! Make me more like the Son that you gave up for your people and that I see reflected in the eyes of Robert.