Saturday, March 27, 2010

To Our Home... for now

Dear Atlanta,

We are going to miss you. Bwagh! It is going to be hard to leave. But we are determined to enjoy the time we have left here, and wanted to let our friends know what we've got going on in the coming months, both for purposes of prayer, as well as planning:

Mid-may: Chandra finishes the semester at Emory and prepares to set up for summer and then leave in June.

Late May or early June: Kennan finishes writing his dissertation and defends his PhD

June 12th: Annabel's First Birthday Party! More details to come.

Late June: we move to Clinton, MS

August 7th: we'll be back in town as Kennan walks at GT Graduation and we'll be having a party to celebrate that evening at (where else?) Octane Coffee

Okay, Atlanta. We've got just a few months left, but we know you won't disappoint. Bring it on!

Much love,
Those Crazy Cranes in Midtown
Ch, Kennan & AnNaBeL

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

To Our Coaches

Dear Coach Hewitt,

I have to agree with the new Coke Zero (should I put a TM or somesuch in here so I don't get sued? Probably.) ads that proclaim "nothing but taste." Indeed, sir. You are a classy man. I'm sorry that we're such slacker fans--it's not that we don't love you or college basketball; it's that football is easier to keep track of due to the more consistent schedule (and fewer games overall). So we're not fairweather fans, just lazy ones.

Well, good luck at the Big Dance! We believe in you.

a Yellow Jacket family whose wee daughter is dressed in White & Gold

Dear Coach Johnson,

What do you mean it's not football season yet? Could you work on that? Oh, and can you bless our baby? Hat-tip to Sam for the priceless video. If only we were so cool.

We're excited for the upcoming season, when we will be coming back into town from MS on many a Saturday. And this, dear Coach, this is the year when we break the bowl game curse. We believe in you!

a Yellow Jacket family whose wee daughter cheers the Brave & Bold (or improves the ratio, either way!)