Saturday, October 08, 2016

Same-day Shipping Saturday (or, Free Shipping Fridays, a day late): InterVarsity Controversy

You may have heard of the controversy over InterVarsity policy and "Redeemed Sexuality" theology. As I have also been reminded, you may not have. Because the world doesn't revolve around me and my spheres of influence. I need this reminder. Often.

Either way, I hope these links will be helpful if you'd like to hear more. And either way, if you're a praying sort of person, please pray. Pray for the organization for which I still work. Pray for the LGBTQIA brothers and sisters who had to go, and the ones who've been able to stay. Pray for Jesus to make all things right and new, because we need him desperately.

What started the media storm--Time magazine's piece, which shows definite bias, but is still helpful:

Christianity Today's response, which is (I think) somewhat biased in the other direction:

InterVarsity's official statement on their Facebook page, which was not well-received, and which I am still mulling over:

This post broke my heart, opened my eyes, and gave me a little bit of hope. It is gracious, balanced, and raw:

Satire is only funny because it parodies something. This satirical article is eye-opening and disheartening. It's how so many folks perceive this move by IV. I don't know what to do about that, except to weep, pray, and try to understand:

This post shows something of a third view, but is quite long and a bit hard to follow in parts. I skimmed it:

Finally, I thought this article was extremely helpful. It addresses legal issues, laments the situation, and endorses neither "side" whole-heartedly:

If you only have time for two links, I'd suggest making them the 4th and the 7th ones.  Thank you for reading, friends.