Friday, January 12, 2018

Free Shipping Fridays: Blessings, Not Curses

Dear Readers,

I've been joining the angry throng on Twitter--those repulsed by the current president's vulgar rhetoric. Please note I say "rhetoric," instead of "words," because (as previously discussed) I'm not so much bothered by his language as by everything else. To me, whether he used traditional "curse" words or not is rather irrelevant, given that he used cursing language. He has made it clear that he thinks other countries (ones who are full of predominantly brown-skinned citizens) are contemptible and beneath him. He has done the opposite of blessing those (especially those with less material blessings) who are different than himself: he has cursed them.

But that's not how Jesus works, at all. He came to a "shithole" country, in a backwater town, to a meager existence and difficult life. He preached good news of freedom for captives, justice for the oppressed, and an eternal (yet still embodied) citizenship in the New Heavens and the New Earth for those who needed it most.

He came--in his own brown skin and with no running water, voting rights, nor network capital--to remind people of their inherent worth because of the imago dei. To call us all to repent of our own inherent, sinful, racism which would put "me and mine" above others.

So here, in my own tradition of questionable puns and wordplay, is today's metaphorical Free Shipping Friday offering: a random collection of internet trinkets, laid on a rough-woven blanket for your perusal.

Shiny baubles which I pray we will not string into a gaudy necklace, designed to show others how wise and humble and loving we are...

but rather wear close to our hearts to remind us just how much we need Jesus.

This poignant video says it all: "I need Africa more than Africa needs me"
H/T Will Stackler, whom I first saw wearing the shirt:

Joshua and Pauline Settles, colleagues serving with the Ghana Fellowship of Evangelical Students:

Actual jewelry for purchase--beautiful things made by beautiful people:

Eye-opening books:

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